Affordable Web Design for Vancouver

We provide affordable web design solutions for businesses in the Vancouver area without compromise to quality and design. We keep things simple, optimize everything, and make it beautiful.

The Essentials

At a minimum, this is what you should expect from every website we build:

  • Custom Design

    Convey the right brand image for your company with a crisp, clean, modern design tailored to your business’s needs. A streamlined, well-thought-out design will make the website easy to use and navigate.

  • Mobile Ready

    Responsive design allows the design to adjust to the device the visitor is using. The site will be tested to make sure it looks as great on smartphones and tablets as it does on computers.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    We pay special attention in making the website search engine friendly. Provide us with some keywords you want to target and your website will be set up to perform well in search results as the site ages and grows.

  • Website Tracking

    Trackers help you keep an eye on your site. Get all kinds of visitor info and track your stats in real-time right on your phone. Have Google monitor and alert you when it detects something wrong with your site.

  • Wordpress

    The site will be powered by WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System. It is flexible, scalable, easy to use, and keeps things affordable.

  • Security

    Malicious activity happens all the time to every website on the internet. Have some peace of mind knowing your website is being protected from harmful intrusion and infection with 3 layers of protection.

…other web design services

Besides creating website, we also offer our web design clients other services to help you get the most out of the website we build for you. And we keep everything affordable.

Website Administration

When creating your website we try to make things as easy for you to manage as possible but sometimes it makes more sense to have us look after everything for you. As your website’s administrator, we monitor, update, backup, and keep your website optimized at all time.  We’re available anytime you need to make edits or when you require technical support. Like having a full-time administrator at a fraction of the cost.

  • Maintenance
  • Optimization
  • Monitoring
  • Editing
  • Support

Wordpress Optimized Hosting

We provide our clients with fast and secure cloud hosting optimized for the WordPress environment. It is configured for speed and security. Ask us for a demonstration. Faster websites enhance the user experience and helps its SEO performance. We manage it for you so you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

  • Cloud Hosting
  • LightSpeed server
  • SSL Security
  • HTTP2.0
  • cPanel

Search Engine Optimization

All websites we build are optimized for search engines but there is only so much that can be done on the initial setup. If you are serious in enhancing your business’s visibility on Google, special attention must be paid to SEO. Great SEO is a process takes time. We can help you determine the right keywords for your business and tailor a strategic plan to reach the target the right visitors to your website.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • On-site SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Google Business
  • SEO Reports


Sell products and services on your website and allow customers to pay with their credit card immediately. Some examples include:

  • A florist selling flowers online allowing immediate payment and delivery
  • Selling music or pictures digitally that can be downloaded right away
  • You allow customers to order food items online for pickup or delivery

We are able to take professional pictures of your products if you need it.

Website Redesign

It’s not enough to have a web presence. You need to make it right impression. If you have an existing website we can take your content and give it an updated look. Expect your company’s new website to be crisp, clean, and easy to navigate. And expect it to includes all The Essentials of a solid website.

A recent testimonial

Mark has a real eye for design and an ability to condense content in a clear and attractive way. He definitely made our website look a whole lot better. He was also able to work quickly and be flexible about our needs as a small company.

Sue LeatherPresidentSue Leather Associates

Mark was knowledgeable and able to explain technical information simply and clearly to me. He worked very hard and completed an excellent product for us on a short timeline and for a very reasonable fee.

EmilySecretaryPhoenix Chamber Choir